Personell selection, retention and development.

Recognize. Preserve. Develop further.

Qualified for now – prepared for the future.

The right person on the right job. With not only the right know–how but also with social and intercultural skills. Forward–looking companies see the development of key personnel and management as an ongoing investment. Tap into my experience and support as a neutral observer.

Consult. Design. Implement.

Let’s plan together, right from the beginning. I offer competent and strategic advice for your personnel development program. After careful planning we design the necessary measures to meet your organization’s needs: interlinked programs, targeted individual measures, group events, individual and team coachings, team development, peer group consulting and supervision.
In the implementation phase I deliver the program either on my own or with expert partners from my global network, naturally in the required languages.

“The key to success is not information but people.”
Lee Iacocca

Main Focus

Areas of Expertise:

Leadership Development

  • Leadership skills
  • Female Leadership
  • Digital leadership
  • Leader as coach
  • Agile leadership
  • Introducing management tools
  • Performance Management
  • Resilience for leaders

Leading Teams Successfully

  • Team development
  • Virtual teams
  • Intercultural teams
  • Resilience for teams

International Cooperation and Intercultural Effectiveness

  • Intercultural trainings
  • International project teams
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Preparation for international assignments
  • Re-integration workshops for returnees

Workshop Facilitation

  • Leadership feedback
  • Transition Workshops
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Goal Alignment

The driving force behind my work is the desire to make people and companies more successful. I can offer you various tools with a clear focus on enhancing the quality of your personal and business life.
What distinguishes my work is a keen awareness of different mentalities, professional expertise, considerable international management experience and great enthusiasm for what I do.

To stay on the track of success you need clear objectives

Offer your staff the same opportunities

After defining your goals I offer you active support in achieving them. After the planning phase you not only have a clear concept in mind but also suitable proposals for the development of your team, which I myself and /or my experienced worldwide network partners then translate into practice.

My navigation instruments

  • Strategic personnel development
  • Organizational development: Planning, design and implementation of suitable measures
  • Leadership development
  • International roll–outs, planning and implementation
  • Introduction of new management instruments
  • Performance management
  • Assessments: several assessments and tools for personality, leadership and team diagnostic, 360° Feedback

“The extraordinary in life is seldom found by treading familiar, smooth ground.”

Accept the challenge

Let us open doors in your company

Your company is different from others. That’s what guarantees your success. Let us work on a concept unique to your company.
The key to strategic personnel planning is a precise needs and goals analysis, which at the same time takes into consideration the external and internal constraints of your company.

A holistic concept consisting of individual elements and modules designed for maximum impact within a systematic framework. I provide your managers with coaching tools, which you as development manager can apply to your own local situation.

Internal management tools

  • Competency models
  • Leadership models
  • Management instruments
  • Evaluation and goal setting systems
  • Training concepts
  • Coaching programs

Following on from the theoretical input I can offer you support you in implementing your own individual concept with workshops, trainings and coachings.

Best References

Consulting & Training & Coaching

Active Nutrition, Alcon Pharma, Allianz, Amazon, Aperian Global, Automotive Diesel Systems/China, Bavaria Film, Bencard, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Caterpillar, Celestica, Cendant Mobility, Center for Creative Leadership, Coroplast, Corporate Learning Solutions, Daimler, Deutsche Post, DHL, Dow Chemicals, European Patent Office, Estee Lauder, EVO, Faurecia, Ford, FOX, General Electrics, Gewofag, Gigatronic, Goreha, HSE24, Honeywell, IBM, IDM Südtirol, Infineon, Ingersoll Rand, ISARIA, John Deer, Lego, LSI, MAN, McKinsey, Merck, Motorola, Münchner Akademie für Business Coaching, MYTheresa, Novartis, NTT, Oracle, OSB, PUMA, Ralph Lauren, Redhat, Robert Bosch, Robert Bosch Security Systems, Robert Bosch Rexroth, SANYO, Siemens, SKY, Shot One, SONY Music, Steelcase, Syngenta, Telekom, Trelleborg, Treofan, Vereinte Nationen, Vetter Pharma, Vodafone, Walt Disney . . .