Personality profiles and assessments

Stärken und Potentiale aufzeigen

Professionelle Führungskräfteentwicklung

Personality profiles, 360-degree feedback or other assessments are an essential foundation and support for leadership development, coaching, team coaching and team development processes. As a self- and/or external perception, they are a helpful assessment of the initial situation by clearly showing the client’s strengths, potential and development areas.

Instrumente und Maßnahmen mit Zertifizierung

I myself am certified for the following instruments and can offer more on request, which are then carried out by my network partners.

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

At present, the LCP is definitely the most innovative, sophisticated and comprehensive tool for leadership development. With the Leadership Circle Profile, you not only get a clear picture of your current leadership skills in a 360-degree feedback, but also a well-founded explanation of why some of your skills are strongly developed and some are not. You will learn what steps you need to take in detail to improve your leadership effectiveness. The Leadership Circle Profile is the optimal starting point for your next big step.

The FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) Instrument

FIRO-B is a personality profile for the coaching of individuals and teams, for team development, for filling senior positions in assessment centers and for conflict management. It provides information about the underlying internal drivers and orientations in working with others and helps you understand and reflect on your behaviour and the behavior of other people in your company. With the information you get from the FIRO-B tool, you can maximize the effectiveness of your activities and explore ways to increase your professional satisfaction and productivity.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile

With this personality profile, one can explain in a simple and clear way the work-related behavior that can be found in daily meetings with colleagues, employees and managers. You can identify your personal strengths, competencies and potentials and your areas of development.

Team Management Systems (TMS) and the Team Management Profile (TMP)

The Team Management Systems is a set of unique management and team development tools that provides more perspectives on individual performance, high energy teamworking and organisational culture. It offers personal feedback based on extensive research into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking.
In particular TMS and TMP are used for strategic leadership and team development and to increase both leadership and team performance. The goal of the Team Management Profile (TMP) is to define the work preferences of members in a team, so that the corresponding team roles can be filled in the best possible way, synergies are created and the team performs optimally.

“Ich beschäftige mich nicht mit dem, was getan worden ist. Mich interessiert, was getan werden muss.”
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The Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator (Type I and II) is a classic in personality diagnostics and is used, among other things, for executive development, individual and team coaching and staffing. In addition to analyzing the personality type, it provides valuable clues about a person’s preferred working style and interaction with groups.

Insights Discovery

This diagnostic tool is also an internationally used classic in personnel development. It analyzes people according to their personality traits and categorizes the different behavioral preferences based on a memorable 4 color model. It explains the individual preferences in the personal work style and the challenges of the individual in terms of working together in a group.

The driving force behind my work is the desire to make people and companies more successful. I can offer you various tools with a clear focus on enhancing the quality of your personal and business life.
What distinguishes my work is a keen awareness of different mentalities, professional expertise, considerable international management experience and great enthusiasm for what I do.

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