Sabine Havenstein Photo There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long–range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.  – John F. Kennedy

Accept the challenge.
Let us open doors in your company.

Your company is different from others. That's what guarantees your success. Let us work on a concept unique to your company.

The key to strategic personnel planning is a precise needs and goals analysis, which at the same time takes into consideration the external and internal constraints of your company.

A holistic concept consisting of individual elements and modules designed for maximum impact within a systematic framework. I provide your managers with coaching tools, which you as development manager can apply to your own local situation.

Internal management tools:

  • Competency model
  • Management instruments
  • Evaluation and goal setting systems
  • Training concepts
  • Coaching programs

Following on from the theoretical input I can offer you support you in implementing your own individual concept with workshops, trainings and coachings.