Sabine Havenstein Photo Plain question and plain answer make the shortest road out of most perplexities. Mark Twain

Various options — but always personal.
Face-to-Face, by telephone or web conference.

You decide on the form and setting that suits best for our cooperation. In coaching what counts is the creation of a stress–free environment and the right framework. That's why I offer flexible components which we can adapt and combine to meet your specific needs.


You decide where to have the coaching: in my office in Neubiberg, in a coaching room in Munich, in your company or somewhere else, for example, at the airport. What matters is that the place is right for you and you can switch off there.

Telephone coaching

Maybe you're on the road, have little time or live too far away and so you'd prefer to work with me via the telephone? No problem.

With telephone coaching the location doesn't matter and you save travelling time. In fact, some topics are easier to discuss on the phone without face–to–face contact.

Web conference

The advantage of video coaching or web conferences is that you don't have to leave your office. My clients work all over the globe and can sometimes only see me face–to–face if it ties in with a business trip. With this option we are independent of time zones but can still incorporate features of body language, visualization techniques and even work with symbolic realisation techniques.

Regardless of which options we agree on my coaching sessions are always action–oriented, respectful, humorous and challenging – whether we can see each other or not.

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