Business Coaching Chairs What interests me is not what has already been done but what remains to be done – Marie Curie

The solution is often only a few questions away.
Clear questions, clear answers. As simple as that.

Coaching is a particularly effective method to quickly develop sustainable solutions that work. A coach is someone who stands by you and gives you strategic, methodical and human support. My first job is to listen to you, to hear what you are not saying, to give you honest feedback and focus on the real issues. With challenging questions you might never have been asked before, combined with humour and empathy.

An eye for the complete picture.

Solutions oriented: my approach to coaching takes a systemic perspective. So we focus not only on you but also on your environment. You develop your own holistic, tailor made, sustainable solutions. I coach numerous managers and teams from international organisations, but also private individuals.

Goal oriented: every coaching is based on an agreed goal. To reach this goal you learn to recognize your potential and mobilize resources; to avoid or get round obstacles. This way you learn to perceive fresh opportunities in crisis situations by simply adopting the eagle perspective. By looking at the world from a different point of view you change your attitudes and act accordingly.

And be succesful in intercultural transactions?

To work competently and successfully in the intercultural field requires an open mind, curiosity, respect, self-understanding and, of course, knowledge. In many countries doors open differently. In different cultures staff often have different expectations of management.

I have lived and worked abroad for many years and still revel in it. Make use of this experience. I offer individual and group coachings in German, English or Spanish.

By the way …

As a working mother I am more than familiar with the work-life balance dilemma and the challenges of reconciling work and family life …

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